Grow Guide

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Grow Guide

1. Choose the right seeds: Look for seeds that are suitable for hydroponic growing and choose ones that will fit well in your grow tower. Leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, and kale are great options for hydroponic systems. Don't forget some herbs!

2. Prepare your growing medium: Hydroponic grow towers typically use a soil-free growing medium like rock wool or coconut coir. Soak your growing medium in water for a few hours before planting your seeds.

3. Plant your seeds: Use a clean pair of tweezers to carefully place your seeds into the premade holes in your growing medium. Make sure you don't bury the seeds too deeply.

4. Give your seeds a few days to grow sprouts. Once sprouted, put medium sprouted seedlings into the plastic pots for your Lucio. You're nearly ready for water!

5. Add water and nutrients: Fill up your hydroponic system with water and add the appropriate nutrients according to the instructions. Make sure the pH level of the water is within the appropriate range for your plants.

6. Monitor your plants: Keep an eye on your plants and make sure they're getting enough water and nutrients. As theygrow, adjust the pH and nutrient levels as needed.

7. Harvest and enjoy: Once your plants havegrownto the desired size, it's time to harvest and enjoy your homegrown produce!